New Cupcake Shop in Scottsdale Features Pastry Chef Linda Schneider and Family Recipes ("Okay, okay, I'll open up my own place, already!")

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Pastry Chef Linda Schneider of 21 Cakes
When the Valley's own Urban Cookies (OllieCake) took home ten grand last week after winning Cupcake Wars on Food Network, there might as well have been a big neon sign that read, "Cupcake Fad Far From Over" flashing on the screen.

Good thing for pastry chef Linda Schneider. She's debuting her cupcake creations at 8 a.m., Monday, August 15, at her new shop, 21 Cakes, in the Scottsdale Seville Center at Scottsdale Road and Indian Bend.

Armed with recipes from her mother and grandmother, Schneider decided to open her own shop after continuous "orders" from family and friends.

"It wasn't until people started asking me to recreate my cupcakes for their birthday or wedding that I realized that I wanted to share my cupcakes with everyone," says Schneider. "After catering cupcakes for events the past two years and ever growing demand, it was time to open my own shop."

So what kinds of sweet creations can we expect? And where the hell did that name come from anyway?

Creations from 21 Cakes
Billing the setting as, "A French patisserie meets old school New York glam meets European modern," 21 Cakes will feature a see-through kitchen, a glass-enclosed "Frosting Room," marble counter tops, modern black acrylic chairs, and a communal table.

"We named it 21 Cakes after the glamorous art deco period," says Schneider. "It's a kind of homage to New York City's 21 Club and 1930's Cotton Club Era elegance when people dressed to go out."

Guests at 21 Cakes can expect twelve different creations each day made with fresh, natural ingredients in flavors including almond, red velvet, chocolate cheesecake, and salted caramel. There will also be petite cakes (enough for two), Belgian cupcakes (like the waffle), and a cinnamon sugar breakfast cupcake.

And Schneider says a good cupcake can go it alone. " should taste absolutely wonderful even without frosting. Frosting is an adornment, not the main event!"

21 Cakes
7001 North Scottsdale Road

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21 Cakes

7001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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What an idiot, there are maybe five cupcake places in town and one is directly across Scottsdale Road from this one and the other is 2 miles down Scottsdale Rd.  Congrats on wasting your money opening.  

Come on already....
Come on already....

Who doesn't have a cupcake company?? And why are they all called pastry do know a pastry chef has to be able to make more than just cupcakes, right? Come on people...some originality would be good about now....


LOVE the reason behind the name. My Beautiful daughter will be working there.....can't wait to taste the Cupcakes, next time we visit.


my sister Ashley took those photos! good job, sis

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