Fight the Freshman 15 with Fast Food

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Toga! Toga! Toga!
We're pretty familiar with college turnover (mmm, turnovers, move that to the "no" list). Every August ushers in a gaggle of wide-eyed freshmen just past jail bait, eager to flash their adolescent frames all over campus. (The ASU student body is anything but modest.) Slowly you notice the svelte student body start to layer until they're departing for winter break in bulky sweaters--to hide rapidly rising muffin tops.

The dreaded Freshman 15.

Don't worry though. We're not your mom and you don't need to abstain from the hallowed collegiate traditions of late night pizza runs and keg stands. Just don't go hog wild or you'll regret your time at the trough. (Face it, those resident hall cafeterias usher you through like livestock.) But when you barely have two bucks to rub together, eating right can be a challenge and it's all too easy to rely on deep fried dollar menus.

Stick to our quick tips for dining on the go and maybe you can whittle down that Frosh 15 to a more manageable Freshman 5.

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One big ass burrito.
10. Chipotle
Indulge in their delicious burritos too often and you'll end up as pudgy as that three pound burrito you're scarfing. The tortilla alone is 300 calories and that's before you even start piling on the rice, beans, meat, and toppings. Even if you stick to calorie conscious lettuce and salsa (sorry cheese, guac and sour cream), you're still fast approaching a 1000+ cal burrito. 
Better: Grab a burrito bowl loaded with grilled steak or chicken, fiber-packed beans, flavorful salsa, and cool crunchy lettuce. You might miss the tortilla and rice, but you won't miss the gluttonous feeling of a gut bomb.

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Flickr- Vegasandfood
Orange mocha frappuccinos!
9. Starbucks
After pulling an all-nighter studying organic chemistry (or playing beer pong, let's be honest here) the only way to feeling even close to human is by downing a cup of liquid caffeine. As much as you may like supporting your local café, Starbucks are everywhere, making this chain a convenient and necessary evil. All those frapuccinos over your study break willl add up fast though, to say nothing of their ridiculously high calorie food offerings.
Better: Modify your Starbucks drink so it isn't a calorie fiasco. Opt for sugar free syrup over caramel or chocolate sauce, skip the whip, and go skinny with skim milk. Essentially, be one of those people we glare at as it takes you ten minutes to explain your specialty drink to the poor barista. Or just learn to drink drip coffee. If you "don't like the way coffee tastes" then you shouldn't be drinking it.Subway- Flickr- skeptic.jpg
Flickr- skeptic
Subway sandwiches looking anything but svelte.
8. Subway Jared lied to you. You aren't going to lose calories by eating Subway, unless you like snooze-worthy veggie subs day in, day out. Because Subway sandwiches and salads taste terrible unless they're packed with all that bad-for-you goodness like mayo, ranch sauce, cheese, bacon, and fatty meats. And beware the flatbread, which is actually more calories than the regular old white or wheat. Better: If you have to eat here (sorry), skip the tuna, spicy Italian, or meatball marinara and opt for the turkey sub on wheat sans cheese or mayo. To schnazz up this deathly boring sandwich, pile high the veggies and slather it with spicy mustard. Apple slices or yogurt on the side.

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Good article! I suffered through a lot of Subway veggie subs before finding the Fresco menu at Taco Bell. Tip: vegetarians can substitute beans instead of beef.

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