Does Jamie Oliver Have A Secret Pizza Partner in Phoenix? Yes, He Does -- Never Mind.

Chris Bianco
Well, that was short lived.

The rumor I posted at 10:58 today, that celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is pairing up with a "well-known Valley pizza master," a.k.a. Chris Bianco, has been proven to be true (thanks "Guesty McGuest!") Ah well, at least I got to use the photo of Laurel and Hardy I've been wanting to use -- twice.

According to the Morning Advertiser, Union Jack, the name of Oliver's new restaurant concept, will be headed up by Bianco, who was was made a director of Oliver's new company, Jamie Bianco Ltd.

"Speculation has indicated that Union Jack's will feature traditional British food, but the appointment of award-winning US pizza operator Chris Bianco as a director of the company overseeing the new concept suggests it will have a more modern twist and could feature pizzas made with British produce," the Morning Advertiser reports.

Details to come. I'm goin' back to bed now.

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"and could feature pizzas made with British produce"

Oh, dear God, why? I thought Jamie was down with local produce. Having produce flown in from England makes no sense.

james'll be IN England, not here.

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