Chelsea Brown's Perfect Food Day

Chelsea Brown
Chelsea Brown blogs about fashion on her popular local  blog Tea Talk. This ASU grad school student is all about great coffee and exploring Phoenix with her boyfriend Scott (who also apprears in the fashion posts). We wanted to know more about where her perfect day of food would take her and it includes where this expert coffee drinker goes for the best coffee in town.

Here is her perfect food day:

The thought of having an entire day devoted to my favorite local meals and snacks is overwhelmingly exciting. I am a big foodie at heart, and love to fill my stomach with delicious meals, amazing coffee, and sweet treats.

Here is what my perfect food day would look like:

Breakfast: To start off my perfect food day I would get up early and head down to Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert for a delicious breakfast. Liberty is one of my favorite local restaurants, and I just love the atmosphere there (who doesn't love hearing Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service over the restaurant speakers), the amazing food (breakfast, lunch and dinner are all spectacular in my book), and of course the delicious coffee. I would get my favorite breakfast dish of yogurt with granola and dried fruit, and pair it with a set of cortadito shots (espresso + foam and raw sugar). I might also get one of their berry scones with cream to go for an afternoon snack!

liberty market.JPG
Chelsea Brown
Libert Market's yogurt with granola and dried fruit

Lunch: Since my favorite lunch in the Valley only happens on Fridays (unless I want to chase down the traveling food trucks, which I do occasionally), my perfect food day would have to take place then so I could go down to the Phoenix Public Market to have lunch at the Phoenix food trucks. Among all of the great mobile restaurants they have there, my most favorite is Short Leash Dogs. I love getting their veggie dog with mushrooms, tomatoes, ketchup, and mango salsa. Oh, and don't forget the fried pickles and one of their glass bottle drinks to wash it all down!

short leash.JPG
Chelsea Brown
Short Leash's veggie dog with mushrooms, tomatoes, ketchup, and mango salsa

Snack: For an afternoon snack I would stop by Lola Coffee on 3rd Avenue for one of their amazing iced coffees (they put espresso shots on top of their cold brew coffee, MMM), and then head down to Urban Cookies for one of their seasonal cupcakes (they are always changing up their flavors), and one of their delicious cookies with chocolate, and nuts for the road.
Chelsea Brown
Lola's espresso topped cold brewed iced coffee

urban cookies.JPG
Chelsea Brown
One of Urban Cookies' OllieCake seasonal cupcakes

Dinner: To end my perfect food day I would celebrate by getting dressed up and going to Cibo for a fancy dinner. I would split a salad, cheese and veggie pizza, and a nutella crepe for dessert with my boyfriend, Scott.
Chelsea Brown
Veggie pizza from Cibo

Since it's the end of the night and I've already gone all out during the rest of the day, I would probably stop by Giant Coffee for one of their iced honey vanilla lattes. I might be up the rest of the evening, but the latte would definitely make my perfect food day feel like it has come full circle.
giant coffee.jpg
Chelsea Brown
Giant Coffee's iced honey vanilla latte

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This makes me wish I lived in Arizona! Looks so delicious!


Chelsea,Where can I find the direct link to your blog?



Wow who would have guessed she's a vegetarian *snore*

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