Urban Cookies To Do Battle in Food Network's Cupcake Wars Under the Name OllieCake

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Urban Cookies, er, OllieCake, gets ready for battle.
Sweet Republic last week, Paletas Betty yesterday, and now this? Phoenix is gettin' some major TV time. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY TV GODS, FOR THEY HAVE SMILED DOWN UPON OUR HUMBLE VALLEY.

Seriously, nice to see.

Urban Cookies,
the neighborhood bake shop of organic, gourmet goodies in Phoenix, is set to compete on Food Network's, Cupcake Wars at 8 p.m.,Tuesday, August 2nd. The battle will be three rounds with the winner taking home ten thousand big ones.

The sticking point? The name. Find out why Urban Cookies launched OllieCake (at least for now), get to know the players, and check out the tongue-in-cheek audition video after the jump.

Garcia and Breese of OllieCake
Love your cupcakes, hate the name.

That's basically what the producers of Food Network's, Cupcake Wars told Urban Cookies owner and baker Brady Breese because, c'mon, it's cupcakes, not cookies (ugh.) So Breese did what anyone would do when ten grand is at stake -- he dusted off the OllieCake brand name, which was originally used in 2009 to launch his gourmet cupcakes. (The name comes from the owners' first son, Oliver.)

Breese, a self-taught culinary artist, started baking in 2004 when he won a baking competition while working as a life insurance agent. One year later, he started his own shop with his wife, who handles the marketing.

Breese's partner in "cupcake war" crime is Salvador Garcia, a former construction worker who earned a certificate of baking and patisserie at the Le Cordon Bleu Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 2008.

Get to know the both of them through the audition video below. To wish them luck, visit their Facebook page.

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Urban Cookies and Bakeshop

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Modern Man
Modern Man

It's really nice to see Phoenix getting some recognition! Good luck guys.

Side note, on Cox, it says 'Chopped' is on all night, and Cupcake wars isn't on until like 1100?


As the mother of your part-time helper, Andrea, along with lots of friends, I am watching Cupcake Wars tonight!  Good Luck, your "story" is great, keep the cupcakes baking!


Um I have know idea what you guys are talking about & i'm confident you don,t know what your talking about either. Trhe owner Brady Breese owns Urban Cookies with his wife. Next time do some research before you attempt to comment.


That's the best you got? Troll !!!

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