Tuna de France: Dinner and a Movie


​​Staying in? We've got you covered -- both on the culinary and entertainment fronts. Now presenting Dinner and a Movie -- a guide to a do it yourself evening of food and film.

Every July, bicycle enthusiasts geek out on Le Tour de France. Up and down hills, tour riders build up legs of steel and the lung capacity to extinguish an inferno as they pedal their way around France while fans look on. As a bike geek myself, I joined the crowds a few years ago, waiting for the peloton to zip along the streets of small town France.

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​I was smitten by the neighborhood brasseries and enjoyed the fact Heineken could be purchased from vendors strolling the streets with the ice cold cans. Often a staple on brasserie menus, the Tuna Nicoise salad is a meal fit for a tour champion and served with a beer and hunk of fresh baguette. To accompany Le Tour and Le Nicoise this week we've chosen The Triplets of Belleville, a beautifully animated film about a grandmother who employs the help of group of percussive old ladies in order to free her kidnapped grandson, the aptly named, Champion, a rider in Le Tour de France.

Film: The Triplets of Belleville (2003)

Entrée: Tuna Nicoise Salad

Popcorn: Herbs de Provence, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt

Beverage: Heineken or Heineken Light in a Can

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Film: When Madame Souza's beloved grandson Champion, a Tour de France rider, is kidnapped along with two other riders by the French mafia, the little old lady is determined to rescue him. She employs the help of the Triplets of Belleville, a former singing group turned improvisational percussionists. Madame Souza and her dog, Bruno, will stop at nothing until she tracks down her always pedaling grandson. This animated film, written and directed by Sylvain Chomet, was nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Song during the 2004 Academy Awards.


Salad Nicoise

The basic formula of a Tuna Nicoise is quality tuna, seasoned cooked red potatoes, blanched haricot verts (fancy French green beans), boiled eggs, Nicoise olives (although Kalamata work), cherry tomatoes, anchovies, and a Dijon based vinaigrette. We found this helpful recipe by Whole Foods, except they leave out any lettuce. We enjoyed ours with baby Romaine.

Popcorn au Provence: Herbs de Provence, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt

popcorn de provence.jpg

​Because olive oil has a low smoke point, you must use canola to pop the popcorn. Use 3 tablespoons of canola oil in a large covered pot to pop 1/3 cup kernels. You may also air pop the corn before adding the topping.

Warm 1/8 cup olive oil over medium-low heat and add 1 tablespoon Herbs de Provence. Toss mixture over popcorn and sprinkle with sea salt.

Are you a food and film lover too? Got suggestions for Dinner and a Movie? Leave a comment below.
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Being a cyclist myself, I don't drink beer, but thank you for the recipe!!!! I'll make the nicoise salad for sure!

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