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Nicole Smith
Cool as a Cucumber Cooler
The Spot: St. Francis, 111 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, (602) 200-8111

The Hours: 3- 6 p.m., daily.

The Details: When it comes to Phoenix dining destinations, St. Francis has always been a top contender, specializing in urban/ rustic style food and drink and an ambiance that guarantees to calculate our "big city" cool points.

 Their happy hour is no different, offering 13 dishes that easily qualify as St. Francis favorites with discounted prices that range from $5 to $8. Our favorites include chewy wood-fired flat breads, a dream-invading French Onion Burger and cheesy Pork Green Chile served with a side of buttery corn bread for dipping. 

Adding even more "happy" to the mix are cocktails that are just as freshly adapted as their food counterpart. Choose from 6 inspired cocktails at $5 and $7, including refreshers such as the "Grapefruitini" and "Cucumber Cooler," draft beer specials at $3, well drinks for $6 and select wine for either $5 a glass or $12 a carafe.

(See if this Saint holds his happy-hour weight, after the jump.)

Nicole Smith
Sipping a Grapefuitini between mouthfuls of the Forbidden Rice Bowl = daytime behavior that should never beforbidden.
The Interior: Easily one of the best designed restaurants in the Valley, St. Francis makes stylish modern decor feel historic and comfortable. The inside and outside dining areas are unified by garage door style windows and offer shared booth seating. The limited space forces a sense of community and in turn creates an "all in this together" sort of vibe you'd expect from a "big-city" dining experience.
Nicole Smith

The Cost:  Three hungry girls, five dishes and three cocktails came out to 40 dollars before tax and tip.

The Conclusion: Happy Hour at St. Francis is no cheap beer and quesadilla destination, nor would we expect it to be. Instead, St. Francis' happy hour means staying true to what they know, which is superb food and drink, at a discounted price.

Each of the five dishes we ordered proved owner/ chef Aaron Chamberlin understands flavor and texture. Our Romaine Hearts salad with summer vegetables was fresh, light and perfectly tossed in silky buttermilk dressing ($6). An $8 price on the Moroccan spiced meatballs-- served with pearl pasta, freshly baked bread and an overeasy egg in the center--- was enough to make us venture into new delicious food territories and happy that we did. The roasted fingerlings tossed in rosemary, sprinkled with fresh Parmesan and served with a tangy ketchup and creamy lemon aoili for dipping, was an easy win, along with the Forbidden Rice Bowl that my company wouldn't shut up about (in a very good way).

Looks like it's happy hour sainthood for you, St. Francis.

Overall grade: A
Nicole Smith

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St. Francis

111 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

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J T Fowler
J T Fowler

I reside in southwest Florida and visited the St. Francis on my last visit to Phoenix a few weeks ago. It was supurb!  The food was outstanding and the staff excellent....  I would not hesitate to recommend the St. Francis to all of my friends in Naples if they should find themselves in Phoenix....  and I admit being a little jealous of residents in Phoenix, being able to make the St. Francis a beautiful habit! 


OMG, let's go!

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