Seven Dibs-Worthy Seats in Phoenix Coffee Shops

Claire Lawton
Lola Coffee on Roosevelt Street
A regular coffee shop spot is a sacred (and often secret) thing. All-too-often the lighting is bad, the music is loud, and the a/c vent seems to be at just the right angle to totally freeze the table -- and you.

We've spent our fair share of time in local coffee shops, and we'll admit to being a little territorial about our favorite spots.

So take note and sit where you want, but we'll be grabbing one of the chairs below ...

1. Head of the family table at Lola on Roosevelt
Sure, Lola coffee's known for its artistic lattes, great lighting, and the huge bouquet of fresh-cut flowers that rests in the center of the family table. Now, you just have to catch the seat at the head of that very table (closest to the register) to soak in all three -- and to get a good gander at the New York Times, carefully spread on the table each morning. 

Claire Lawton
Jobot Coffee on Fifth Street
2. The bar at Jobot
We've never been sure whether to linger in the seating area attached to the downtown coffee spot, so we've stuck to the bar in the main room, just inches from the espresso machine. It's a convenient spot; we can easily request refills, gather the downtown gossip from baristas and other bar-sitters, and we don't have to risk the heat outside.

Claire Lawton
Lux Coffee on Central Avenue
3. Solo desk at Lux
Let's be real, the light table is overrated. Sure there's a plug and you can watch everyone come in (the official sport of any morning/afternoon/evening spent at this uptown coffee shop), but you risk being in the DJ's way, and at the mercy of almost anyone who needs a straw, pump of sugar, napkin, stir stick, magazine ... you get the idea.

The desk by the door is prime time, and is equipped with its own plug, a lamp, and all the space in the world to claim for your very own. 

Claire Lawton
Lola Coffee on Central Avenue
4. School Chairs at Lola Central
On a fall afternoon or summer morning, the two school chairs outside the front door at Lola Central are a great spot to catch up with a friend, pull out a small notebook (each chair still has its original, attached writing surface), and watch the cast of characters who usually roam down the central corridor.

5. Lounge Chairs at Giant Coffee
Forget the semi-awkward high tables, or the regular table seating, which all-too-often falls right below the chilly air vents, the lounge chairs are usually taken by those who'd much rather take note of what's going on outside, than who's ordering one of those fancy espresso drinks at the counter.

6. Patio Seating at Copper Star Coffee
It's tempting to sit inside the quaint uptown coffee shop on Seventh Avenue -- the baristas are friendly, the food smells great -- but there's just too much going on outside. The small iron tables provide a great view of anyone going through the drive-thru and are a perfect place to swap secrets while keeping it low-key.
Claire Lawton
Cartel Coffee on Ash Avenue
7. Back corner spot at Cartel Coffee (in Tempe)
There's nothing like quick and easy access to a plug and the occasional aroma of beans from the roaster -- all while remaining unseen.

The back corner spot in Cartel isn't always easy to get to, and is often taken, but it's the best spot from which to people watch, get some work done, and not have to make conversation about the latest sticker on your macbook. This one's worth the drive out of downtown PHX.

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This post should be titled "best place to exude your smug sense of superiority." 

Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

Now, now, Schadenfriend- it's the New Times, after all.

They have a dearth of quality cultural "reporting", are vexed with a Managing Editor who is continually blinded by her own non-brilliance, and the current staff is comprised of first year journalism school hacks who barely graduated.

Because as we all know... ASU's Journalism school is a really hard to get into- heck, you gotta open at least two doors...

Mix in that yet another reporter just quit- the seventh so far, and that their newest Art Critic got the job (according to office scuttlebutt) due to her being friends with Editorzilla Amy Silverman.

Actually, come to think of it- that might actually be an act of charity to be a friend of Editorzilla, so I'll give Mrs. Parker a mulligan on this one.

So let the petty arrogant baby have their bottle, it's all they've got.

Well, that... and a spitload of stereo ads that come with a handjob.


Wayne Michael Reichhttp://www.WayneMichaelReich.c...

Wayne Michael Reich
Wayne Michael Reich

Sorry... that should have read "ASU's Journalism school is a really hard school to get into- heck, you gotta open at least two doors..."

I am sorry that I made an error of omission. On the up side, I could write for these guys- I'm pretty sure they'd see it as an asset.

my bad,Wayne Michael Reichhttp://www.WayneMichaelReich

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