Ranch House Grille Post-Fire Update: What the Hell Is Happening Over There?

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Looking in from the outdoor patio of Ranch House Grille.
A good friend of mine told me the other day that there was some "activity" going on at Ranch House Grille, the popular breakfast spot in East Phoenix that, sadly, along with all of the other stores in its strip mall home on Thomas Road, was the casualty of a fire last November.

View of strip mall from Thomas Road.
She wasn't kidding.

I had hoped by "activity," she meant the humble joint I used to routinely frequent for biscuits and gravy, huevos rancheros, and chicken fried steak topped with pork chili verde was back in the breakfast biz.

Nope. Seems the entire strip mall has been gutted with a gaping hole in the front wall. Whoa.

So what gives?

According to a construction worker at the site, while the fire's flames didn't make it to all of the spaces in the strip mall, the smoke did, causing extensive damage and the need to basically gut the strip mall and start anew.

View from the front window of Ranch House Grille.
He went on to say Ranch House Grille would be returning and that now with construction under way, the project should last around three months.

"Have you had the chicken fried steak at Ranch House Grille?" I asked him. "It's amazing. You should try it when they come back."

He told me he hadn't. And then took a step back to let the crazy lady take photos.

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Thanks for getting the scoop, Lauren! This was one of our favorite breakfast spots. Although my waistline has been better off for the lack of green chile verde omelettes and extra crispy hashbrowns, it will be nice to see the  Ranch House Grille back in business.


Good to hear the place is coming back together! The green chile topped chicken fried steak is truly the best in town.


And I meant "Laura" not "Lauren"- sorry. Visions of hashbrowns blinded me!

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