Now Closed: Brugo's Pizza

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Another one? Seriously?!

Reno-based fancy pizza joint Brugo's, who practically just opened, is done already.

It's a sad story, really. The McDonald family moved to Arizona with dreams of bringing their award winning Reno pizza to Phoenix, opened up shop at the Esplanade in April and then later found out that the AMC theater was shutting its doors for a complete overhaul. They also didn't realize the business complex wasn't even at half capacity.

Kinda hard to run a restaurant with no customers.

The McDonalds aren't giving up on AZ. They hope to recover quickly and give it another shot in a different location sometime in the near future. We'll keep you posted.

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It's too bad, but it sounds like they didn't do their homework. That is always a great place to start.

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