My Fit Foods Healthy Take-Out Restaurant Coming to Scottsdale

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My Fit Foods, a take-out operation for fresh, healthy, pre-portioned meals and snacks, is opening its first location in Arizona at The Shops at Gainey Village in Scottsdale, the Phoenix Business Journal reports.

The Houston-based company, with over 33 locations in Texas, is owned by personal trainer and certified nutritionist, Mario Mendias.

So what's on the menu, what's the popular weight loss program about, and when will My Fit Foods open?

To-go entrées like lean lemon turkey, Denyse's Killuh Chili, and a light mac and cheese called My Fit Mac range from around $6.75 for a small portion to $10.25 for a large; however, it appears most customers opt for a program called My Fit Foods 21-day Challenge, which includes a consultation, three weeks worth of food for around $500 to $750, and claims, "The average client loses 6-12 pounds and reports feeling higher levels of energy after as little as 3 days on the program."

I spoke to Courtney Montez, Customer Relations/Receptionist at My Fit Foods, who confirmed the Scottsdale location and told me the company plans to open in October.

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steves yok
steves yok

Exercise-this is easy, it sounds hard but still is very simple. Walking! Walk around the Park a ring or even in the gym or beach for 30 minutes a day and do everything else listed above and you will be on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

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