Kirti Dwivedi's Perfect Food Day

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Kirti Dwivedi
You might have seen Kirti Dwivedi at one of her favorite restaurants, tweeting about eating (she's a self-professed social media addict - @DiyaMarketing) and otherwise thinking about food. She tweets about live organ donation (#TinyFabKidney) as her mother needed and miraculously found a kidney donor via social media. She's a a marketing consultant with Ohio State and ASU degrees hanging on her wall and the latest fashion hanging in her closet. She's a self-proclaimed "makeup junkie" and, we can assume, food junkie, too.

Here is her perfect food day:

Breakfast: I typically enjoy a simple breakfast--fruit & cereal in the mornings, but if I'm going to splurge, I would head to The Mission for their green chilaquiles & a Bloody Mary. A killer combination.

Cowboy Ciao's Stetson Chopped Salad
Lunch: The Stetson Chop salad from Cowboy Ciao... An amazing combination of flavors & textures, I find myself craving this salad too often for it to be normal. I would also consider enjoying some of my mother's (#TinyMom) amazing Indian food to finish off the meal. Samosas with tamarind chutney, anyone?

Dinner: Decisions, decisions... I would start with an amuse bouche of Posh Restaurant's watermelon spheres with basil, and move onto FnB's braised leeks (yes, I am obsessed with them!). For the main course, I would choose the Pan Seared Scallops from Citizen Public House.

FnB's braised leeks

Snacks: Biscotti from Gina's Homemade or Twozels toffee from GoodyTwos Toffee...

Dessert: It's a tie between 'Crack Pie' from The Herb Box and the butterscotch pudding from FnB. Rich, delicious, decadent... a deliciously rare treat. I wouldn't complain if I were sitting in Piazza Navona in Rome, sipping on prosecco and nibbling at Tre Scalini's famous tartufo, a very rich, handmade chocolate ice cream roll. I still dream about that tartufo!

tartufomdfeed.jpg on Flickr
Tartufo from Tre Scalini in Rome

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