June 2011 Restaurant Openings and Closings

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Wynter Holden
Phoenix was hopping this past month with new restaurants aplenty. We lost a few -- but we're pretty sure we'll be too busy with the newbies to notice. 

Restaurants (and other Food-Related Establishments) That Opened in June 2011
Copper Blues, CityScape Phoenix
Brugo's Pizza, Esplanade Phoenix
Fusion Cafe, Tempe
Gengis Grill, Glendale
Humble Pie, Phoenix
More after the jump...
Thai Basil, Phoenix
Xtreme Grind, Chandler 
Stingray Sushi, Scottsdale Quarter
Stacy's Smokehouse, Scottsdale
June 2011 Restaurant Closings 
(nothing new since the last roundup)
The Living Room, Phoenix - now Humble Pie 
Marie Callender's, All Arizona Locations
Plaza Bonita, Tempe
Did we miss anybody? Let us know in the comment section below.

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also tilted kilt at cityscape is now open


Taberna's days are numbered, in fact, as of tomorrow, they will be closed forever. Truth.


cafe boa bistro in mesa...closed

Rob Brooks-Bilson
Rob Brooks-Bilson

Finally a Rita's in AZ. Now let's hope they start opening in Phoenix. Phoenix is almost completely devoid of east coast style Italian water ice.

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