Francisco Alcaraz's Rose of Patron

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​Yesterday we met Francisco Alcaraz, master distiller at Patron and the man who designed the process for making the high-class tequila. Today he shares with us the recipe for the Rose of Patron, a complicated yet beautiful and complex beverage.

The ingredients:
1.5 oz. Patron silver
¼ oz. Chambord
7 mint leaves
3 lime wedges
¼ oz. agave nectar
¼ oz. rose water
3 oz. aloe vera juice
Rose petal

How to make it:
Muddle the mint with crushed ice inside a large metal shaker. Pour Patron over the top, then add juice from the lime wedges along with the agave nectar, rose water and aloe. Shake well, then strain into a martini glass. Pour Chambord down the side for dramatic effect, then garnish with the rose petal. 

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