Four Favorite Burgers in Metro Phoenix

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burger christopher.jpg

Christopher's -- not your typical burger.

​There must be some sort of burger vortex in this town, since three of the four spots chosen by Chow Bella contributors as serving our favorite burgers in metro PHX are located within a few blocks of one another. No matter where you're at, these are burgers worth the trip. Be sure to share your favorite in the comments section.

4. Cheeseburger at Christopher's
While award-winning chef Christopher Gross is best known for his culinary command of French cuisine, the man responsible for Christopher's and Crush Lounge in Central Phoenix can also make a damn fine hamburger. Start with the eight-ounce patty of perfectly-prepared Angus chuck, then choose from toppings of Gruyére, Mimolette, cheddar, or blue cheese, mushrooms, shallots, and crispy bacon on a soft, delicate bun for a flavor-packed sensation that's anything but a "cheeseburger."

2502 East Camelback Road

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burger chuckbox.jpg

​3. Anything at The Chuckbox
With burgers this good, its no wonder The Chuckbox has been a Tempe staple for almost 40 years. No flat-top or gas grill here, it's all mesquite charcoal, an open flame, and a secret mix of spices (referred to as "magic dust" by the staff) that give The Chuckbox's burgers that charred, specially seasoned taste you won't find anywhere else.

The Chuckbox
202 East University Drive, Tempe

2 Kobe Burger at Zinburger
When it comes to ground beef that makes a difference, the $14 Kobe burger at Zinburger Wine and Burger Bar in Central Phoenix may be pricey, but its taste is worth the splurge.
With a rich flavor that lovingly lingers in front of just-enough toppings like mayo, cheddar cheese, and sautéed mushrooms -- and well after the last bite -- the Kobe burger is simply luxury on a bun.

2502 East Camelback Road

burger hillstone.jpg
Hillstone's veggie burger.
. Veggie Burger at Hillstone

Considering most veggie burgers have the taste of cardboard and the texture of mealy, overcooked rice, we were shocked to discover that Hillstone offers a meatless burger that's juicy, plump and tastes as good as the real thing. The combination of black beans, brown rice and oat bran together with the well-balanced sauce makes for a savory - albeit messy - Sloppy Joe style burger, and the gooey melted Jack cheese gives a salty finish that adds dimension to the sweet, soy-based sauce. 

2650 E. Camelback Rd. 

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I think a list of burgers should be limited to places people can actually afford to eat.  Why would anyone pay $14 for a burger?


1/3 lb Cheddar at the Chicago Hamburger Company. The powerhouse duo of flame broiling and cheese schmoo stands alone in the Valley.


Excluding the LGO burger on an english muffin is a traveshamockery.  I know it's cool to hate on LGO, but come on, respect.

Amy Ellis
Amy Ellis

Wow. That is so yummy! I just hope it'll convince me to have a try though. Since I don't eat veggies, I think it'll be very difficult for you to convince me. I'd go for the first one on the pic. Combo!


How is Lennys not on the list?

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