Coming Soon: Rice Paper in CenPho

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Yay! Spring rolls in CenPho. Yet another reason to love the Coronado neighborhood.

Opening later this month, Rice Paper will feature more than 20 different types of fresh and crispy spring rolls.

This will be the second Vietnamese restaurant brought to the Valley by sisters Lan and Hue Tran. They've also opened Saigon Kitchen in Surprise, which is more of a family style restaurant. Rice Paper will tailor to the younger hip crowds downtown and will also offer a full menu in addition to the spring roll bar. (Did someone say freshly made Vietnamese sandwiches? And Pho? Oh my!)

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The sisters' hope is to create a fun, modern atmosphere in which people will enjoy leisurely hang outs on the reg. There will be both indoor and outdoor seating with a large community table inside, along with a full bar (think beer, wine and Asian inspired cocktails), tables for smaller parties and a wrap around patio outside.

Rice Paper will be open seven days a week with late night weekends, located at 2221 N. Seventh St. between the newly opened Humble Pie and America's Taco Shop.

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Just had lunch today at the Rice Paper. The place has a very nice modern look to it.

Pros: Food is delicious and the portion is filling. The staff is super friendly.

Cons: The time it took for the food to come out. Also it's a little pricier than most vietnamese restaurants around the valley.

Would I go back? Yes!

SS - Phx

Megan O'Donnell
Megan O'Donnell

this place is finally open - looking forward to trying it out! also noticed last night that a new coffee shop is going up in my neigb :)


I hope that there are some vegetarian/ vegan friendly options...


While I love what's happening in Coronado with all the new places opening either soon or recently, I can't wait for people to stop saying CenPho. It just sounds soooooo stupid.

I really hope Rice Paper is good, because it is so close. Vietnamese is definitely my weakness but I've become very picky as of late.

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