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Well, it ain't due to any health inspection issues.

Caffe Boa Bistro, the Italian-inspired eatery in the Las Sendras Plaza in Mesa, has closed for business.

A spin-off the the original location in Tempe (both are owned by Jay and Christine Wisniewski, and the Tempe spot was once home to local celebu-chef and Welcome Diner pop-up master Payton Curry), Caffe Boa Bistro prided itself on fresh ingredients, a seasonal menu, and an upscale yet casual atmosphere.

An employee at the original Caffe Boa in Tempe confirmed the Mesa location is no longer in business. Onwer Jay Wisniewski could not be reached for comment at this time.

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Oh, where to begin? We were so excited to have this restaurant open in Mesa( having been patrons of the bistro next door where the food was OK but never as good as Boa's when it opened).  It was difficult to watch the gradual decline, particularly after Payton left.  From our vantage point, Nick and his staff tried, but the quality of the ingredients was not as good.  Case in point--the hamburger used to be sublime, but later--mediocre.  Portions sizes--even for a bistro--were cut.  We always sat at the bar--kudos to Rob and Eric--fantastic bartenders and great representatives for the business. Michael, the manager, went out of his way to make us welcome.  That being said, once you left the bar area, it became a different experience for us; the servers were largely indifferent and often inattentive..  And that is where D.Vine, the neighboring bistro, excels.  Attentive wait staff and they take PRIDE in the enterprise, and one gets the same welcome when seated in the restaurant that Boa could only provide at the bar.  If you serve a good meal, reasonably priced (doesn't have to be 4-star) and have exceptional customer service, I think a restaurant can still do well.  Could all restaurant owners please read this: Setting the Table : The Power of Hospitality in Restaurants, Business, and Life  by Danny Meyer?  Was the failure of Boa a Mesa thing?  Perhaps to some extent.  The happy hour offered exceptional value, but the regular menu and the specials were probably wrong for this demographic; certainly we have the spending power in this area but the taste level may not have been widespread  enough.  I could be wrong on that--plenty of splendid little outfits have tanked in Scottsdale too.  I am not sure the owner had a passion for this restaurant; we would see him from time to time, usually harried and looked like he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.  The last time we saw him he was behind the bar checking on things--had on baggy polyester workout shorts, crummy t-shirt and a three day beard--during dinner service.  Disrespect for the clientele.  Again, see Danny Meyer.  One more story about Boa in Tempe.  After a book club meeting this spring, I convinced the group to go to Boa /Tempe for lunch. The discussion leader, an affluent woman and former Boa devotee, had to be convinced to try them again.  The entrees ordered by most of the group were to have an asparagus side--not there.  Could not flag down the vanished waiter in the nearly empty place, and when he finally showed up again, he seemed to be fumbling for an excuse, and then told us that since fresh, organic asparagus was out of season, it was not served as described on the menu.  Isn't asparagus available in the spring? So, here was chance to regain a former customer--lost.  Again, where is the attention to detail?  My hamburger was wretched--underseasoned and overcooked, but since I could not get the waiter's attention, I could not even get some salt.  Well, that's enough.  Thank for your initial efforts, Boa people. I guess it was too good to be true.  It had to be hard to sustain quality and or/passion in this economic environment.

Steve e. mesa
Steve e. mesa

Were regulars since we live right by the Mesa location. Seating was ridiculous. Never had any real seafood entrees with static unimaginative menu probably forced by owners. Once Peyton bolted the writing was on the wall and food quality & service went by the wayside.  Food was never spectacular, overpriced and sometimes illadvised.  Still it beat traveling to Scottsdale every time.  Hope someone takes over the space and makes a real go of it.  An upscale bistro or bar/restaurant with comfort food would fit the bill nicely.  Can't believe a real restaurant couldn't make it since there is no competition.  DeVine is Dejoke.


Jay the weazel Newski, scam artist.. Employees at Tempe location can't get paid tips/payroll... Tempe Location will fall soon

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