Where Am I Eating?

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I normally don't cheat on my beloved Pho from Khai Hoan in Tempe but I was in dire need of the stuffed grape leaves from this much talked about Vietnamese spot off Camelback. I tried to order multiple un-pho items from the huge menu but sadly, they seemed to be out of everything including stuffed grape leaves. (I guess they spent all of their money making the place bigger. Who needs ingredients when you have tables!) Finally I ordered a bowl of #12 and waited. Then waited some more. And then after a little more waiting, my bowl of not-as-hot-as-I-would-like Pho arrived. The fragrant broth was right on point and does in fact gain third best in my book, but without those grape leaves, this place is worthless to me. Do you know where I'm eating?

Where Am I Eating?

Be the first to email us the correct answer at whereamieating@newtimes.com and I'll send you 2 free coupons to Sweet Tomatoes.

Last week, I hit the newest sandwich shop in the Mill Ave District., Capriotti's. Mai-Li Le of Tempe was on it and won again. Good job (again), your Sweet Tomatoes passes are in the mail!

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100 W. University Drive, Tempe, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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