The Mondrian Cake: Damn You, San Francisco.

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The Cake Lies
Oh, San Francisco. Isn't it enough you have beautiful weather, cutting edge music, emerging restaurants, and Fisherman's Wharf (okay, not Fisherman's Wharf, that place is gross.) Now you come along with this kick-ass cake at the rooftop coffee bar of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

SwirlStick (Reddit)
Called the "Mondrian Cake," the decorative dessert pays homage to Dutch painter Piet Mondrian by (sweetly) emulating his 1930, grid-based, abstract painting, "Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow" with vanilla cake, red velvet cake, and chocolate ganache. The Mondrian Cake sells for eight bucks a slice at the museum -- a price we'd be happy to pay.

For more photos, go to The Cake Lies.

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