Taking a Bite Outta Guy Fieri's Hot Wieners

The Virgin gets hands on with her wiener.
​In honor of Guy Fieri's visit this Tuesday, June 7, with his Guy Fieri Road Show, I dug through the Food Network Top 100 Guy Fieri recipes and found a gem from Guy's Big Bite: Hot Wieners Rhode Island Style.

Now, to us non-Rhode Islanders (or would it be non-Rhodies?) the recipe reads a lot like a plain ol' chili dog. Well, actually a lazy man's chili dog, since the spiced meat in question cooks in a half-hour on the stove rather than the hours most traditional chilis take. But with the help of fellow blogger Jonathan McNamara, The Virgin devised an ingenious plan to kick things up a notch: wrap the dog in bacon and then cover it with chili. Sort of a "Rhode Island meets Sonoran" dog.


Find out how it's done after the jump. 

If you thought Cooking Virgin was going to attempt to make hot dogs from scratch, 1. my cooking skills aren't that impressive yet and 2. the pictures involved would probably make you lose your lunch, rather than enticing you to make it. Plus, if Guy Fieri's getting paid big bucks to cook and eat on national television and his prep cooks aren't he isn't making his own wieners, I'm sure as hell not going to sift through cow/pig/mystery meat parts.

Note: My recipe is 1/4 the size of Guy's, as I didn't have the need to feed 20 people. But it still worked...sort of. Here are The Virgin's DeStructions, loosely based on Guy's recipe:

​1. To start, mince 2 tbsp of onions and place in a pan with 1 tablespoon of butter. Heat over medium until onions are clear-ish. Frankly, mine were still a little opaque, but the original recipe warns not to brown them and I was a little worried.

2. Add 1/2 tbsp each paprika and chili powder, plus a pinch of dry mustard, cinnamon, allspice and curry and stir. What apparently results from using such a small amount of ingredients is a congealed blackish brown lump studded with onions. Yum.

Don't worry, it gets better.

3. Stir in 1/4 lb. ground beef (Guy recommends 80/20; I used a slightly leaner 85/15 since I planned on getting a hefty dose of fat from the addition of bacon) and brown over medium heat for five minutes

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