Penis Tequila: Liquid Courage for ex-Mayor of Tijuana Held on Gun Charges

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If penis tequila isn't your thing, there's always scorpions.
What do you call tequila made with three penises, scorpion poison and antlers if you're an alleged Mexican mafioso?


Jorge Hank Rhon is a former mayor of Tijuana who ran for the governorship of Baja California in 2007. He lost. While on the campaign trail he gave an interview to an NPR reporter, and he offered her his special tequila mix, made with three animal penises -- taken from a lion, tiger, and dog -- deer horns, eight scorpions, bear bile, a lion bone, and three cobras.


Rhon was arrested over the weekend when Mexican military stormed his compound and seized 88 firearms and nearly 10,000 rounds of ammunition on a US intelligence tip, according to the Associated Press, and his rap sheet includes alleged complicity in the 1988 murder of a journalist.

Our research suggests "penis tequila" is rare and limited to bottles shaped like dongs -- but scorpion mezcal and cobra whiskey are very real for anyone interested in exotic liquid courage -- after the jump.

A Mexican liquor company called Caballeros Inc. sells scorpion mezcal, which is apparently FDA-certified for you health nuts.

Thailand Unique, based in Maakaeng, sells cobra whiskey. They even sell a brand with cobra and scorpion in it. "This is used in SE Asia as a very strong Aphrodisiac," according to the distributors.

Let us know in the comments if you've ever had any penis with your tequila -- or scorpions and cobras, for that matter.

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Nick Jones
Nick Jones

What garnish shop do you pick up all that crap?  I'm lucky if I can find the green maraschino cherries and the little umbrellas at the same store!


Also if you have liquors with any ther creature inside ?



i just saw you website on Google, and I already bought these on but i wonder where to find other snake related products, any idea ?

Thanks for your help.


I've had the scorpion mezcal and thought it was very good actually. The scorpion itself didn't have much flavor and was kind of strange but after a bottle of mezcal it's not a big deal.

not even an mba
not even an mba

Let us know in the comments if you've ever had any penis with your tequila,,,

Let me just say that LICKING salt and SUCKING lime is not the only approach to drinking tequila.


OF COURSE I've had PENIS with my tequila. But never IN my tequila unless you count that time...

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