Executive Chef Chris Curtiss Leaves Noca Tonight

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Here's some big breaking news.

Chris Curtiss, executive chef at the contemporary American Central Phoenix dining establishment Noca, is leaving the restaurant after almost three years, a source at the restaurant told me. His last dinner service is tonight, the employee said.

Curtiss was unavailable for comment.

The employee told me that Curtiss has a few ideas of what he might do next, but nothing concrete, and that Noca has a couple of ideas as well, namely, of who might replace the man who was nominated this year for the Southwest category of Food and Wine magazine's People's New Chef of the Year and the AZ Culinary Hall of Fame, in addition to earning the restaurant a semifinalist spot for Best New Restaurant in the 2009 James Beard Awards.

Stay tuned for details.

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dude burns bridges every where he goes!  Great chef, Sh**ty human-being!!


I'm a available for comment foiegras75@gmail.comChris Curtiss

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