Entire Jar of Nutella Eaten By One Man Makes Us Question How Much We Really Love Nutella

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How much do we love Nutella, the crazy-good hazelnut spread where the mere act of smearing it across a piece of bread is akin to a religious experience?

Not as much as this man.

Furious Pete, a professional competitive eater from Ontario, Canada, is about to get 200 grams of fat heavier after conquering a 750 gram jar of Nutella containing over 4,000 calories and 400 grams of sugar.

That's right. An entire jar. In under four minutes. Without a drink of water.

We'll never look at Nutella the same way again.

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Dominic Armato
Dominic Armato

*pfft*  I did that in the backseat of a Fiat without air conditioning while crossing the Appenines when I was nine.

I... um... haven't had Nutella since.

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