Cowboy Ciao vs. Citizen Public House in Father's Day Sommelier Showdown

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Spirit of Wine
Oh yeah, it's on.

From 6 to 9 p.m. on Father's Day, Sunday, June 19, Cowboy Ciao owner Peter Kasperski and Citizen Public House operator and partner (and former Ciaoster) Andrew Fritz will go head to head in a sommelier showdown to take place at Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale.

Five courses with two wine pairings for each will be served with guests deciding the winner. Yummies include duck chicharrones salad, a lamb shank "enchilada," and apple pie featuring pastry chef Country Velador's housemade American oak vanilla ice cream.

If dad likes a good fight along with a stunning glass of vino and a forkful or two of good eats, this one's for him. Get the full menu and all the details after the jump.

The cost of the Sommelier Showdown event at Cowboy Ciao is $50 and seats are limited. For additional details or to purchase tickets call Cowboy Ciao at 480-946-311.

Sommelier Showdown Menu:

First Course: PB & PB Sandwich
Peanut butter and pork belly sandwich, maple/bourbon-glazed plantains.
wine a
wine b

Second Course: Duck Chicharrones Salad
Frisée, caramelized spring onions, candied almonds, blood orange and pomegranate vinaigrette.
wine a
wine b

Third Course: Coriander-Crusted Scallops
House made chorizo, Peruvian purple potato hash, sweet corn sauce, chervil.
wine a
wine b

Fourth Course: Lamb Shank "Enchilada"
Braised in guajillo chiles and zinfandel, wrapped in blue corn crepes, topped with farmer's cheese and grilled apricot.
wine a
wine b

Fifth Course: Apple Pie
Featuring pastry chef Country Velador's housemade American oak vanilla ice cream.
wine a
wine b

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