CLOSED: EVERY Marie Callender's in the Entire State of Arizona

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​Can't say we didn't see this coming.

We haven't actually stepped foot inside of a Marie Callender's since sometime around 1998 but we have heard the restaurant chain has been slowly going down hill for quite sometime -- our grandmother was the source.

Get the rest of the pie after the jump. 

A total of 58 Marie Callender's were shut down over the weekend including all seven Arizona restaurants. The owners, Perkin's Marie Callender's Inc., who are reportedly about $150 million in debt, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and stated in today's press release that the closures are "part of a strategic effort to improve restaurant operation."

The decision to close the stores was based on current market conditions and the performance history of each individual location. More closures will take place throughout the bankruptcy proceedings but for now 89 of the home-style restaurants will remain open.

Let's just hope this little bankruptcy hiccup doesn't affect our ability to get their guilty-pleasure worthy pot-pies from our local grocery freezer.

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Good Riddens, their food sucked

Jos Harrison
Jos Harrison

I tried it once a few years ago, and it was good, but nothing special.

According to consumerist they actually shut down immediately, kicking customers out, and cited high food costs as being the reason they closed. Looking around, i don't see mass restaurant closings, so i think rather that its inability to run the restaurants that put them under.


I ate at a Marie's restaraunt once - circa 1999.  I wasn't that impressed.  The pies were pretty good.  The frozen entres vary...  I like the chicken tendloins with country style gravy and mash potatoes, and the cheesy chicken and rice, both of which I have not been able to find at Albertsons for over a year.  The frozen chicken pot pie is delicious, but really not good for you health-wise, so I only get one once or twice per year.  The restaraunt did not impress me.  High priced unhealthy food and bad service.  I never went back after that first visit.

However, their "brother/sister" restaraunt "Perkins" - from the Mid-West, where I am from, was very good.  I took my kids there probably twice per month.  Good omlettes and dinners, an upscale Denny's with good prices and better food. 

I would like to see Perkins at the now-closed Marie's locations.  I haven't had a good Perkins breakfast in 15 years and I miss them!!  They would give Denny's and Village Inn a run for the money!


I found Marie Callender's restaurant back in 1966 when they only had ham stack sandwiches and hamburgers along with all the different pies.  It's when Marie Callender sold her company that it started to go downhill because it became very pricy by adding more items to the menu.  Way to expensive for a pie shop! 

What Marie Callender's children and grandchildren should do is buy it back, and put the original ham stack sandwich, the hamburger, and pie's back.  It's the "kiss" formula, (keep it simple sweetheart) for this economy! 

Patty Stanton 

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