Will Restaurant Tablets Replace Servers?

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Does a high-tech upscale dining experience sound appealing to you? We found this new product for restaurants called E La Carte that uses special tablets (not iPads) placed on the dining table for guests to use for various uses.

You can place your order, play trivia games, research the area for other entertainment, pay, give feedback...I mean, what doesn't this thing do? It says it doesn't replace the role of servers but we think they mean to say bussers. All the information and assistance you need from a server can be done right there at a table. If we were restaurant owners, we'd be thinking about having more covers per night, faster service and better accuracy of orders. Pretty genius, really.

Or is it?

Would you miss the interaction with servers who would sell the romance the food a bit more? Or are you sick of servers upselling you on extra cocktails and dessert that you can't afford or that don't fit in your diet?

Find out more about the company in this CNN Money story.

How would you react if you found a tablet on the table at your next restaurant visit? 

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Ahhh the wonders of technology!  Does this make the world a better place? I dine out when I have not the requirements (tangible or otherwise) at my abode to produce a finger-licking experience. Enter several of my favorite restaurants. I for one appreciate food as more than a simple means to an end ie gas form my tank. I appreciate the IDEA of a communion even to the extent to which I may not know my waiter's name. it is still a shared experience over a meal. Perhaps when I become evolved enough I'll develop an appreciation for this as well as the tech-wonder pill that replace food all together. -all in the name of convenience. We are isolated enough!  My 2 cents..

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