Stacy's Smokehouse to Open a Second Location in Scottsdale

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Sounds as if Scottsdale residents will soon be getting a taste of their own drool-worthy 'cue from Stacy's Smokehouse, the tiny, no-frills purple building on Indian School Road and 16th Street.

Between bites of rib tips smoked over almond and hickory wood and doused in Stacy's sugary-sweet sauce, I recently spoke with an employee who told me chef Stacy Phipps is planning to open a second location in Scottsdale on East Shea Boulevard (where the KFC used to be), and hopes to open by the end of June or early July.

Stacy's is also planning to bottle and sell their signature barbecue sauce, but that plan won't be put into action until after the Scottsdale location opens.

Here's hoping Stacy's brings their homemade German chocolate cake to the new Scottsdale location as well. I chased my rib tips down with a thick, sugary, coconut covered slice, and left a happy woman.

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Just heard from Stacy himself that they're opening on Monday!


Dickey's started out small, just like him

Stacy's bringing 'cue to Scottsdale isn't some whimHe knows that Dickey's there and he is not afraidOpportunity came knockin' and the decision's been made

What happens next, there's no need to speculateThe numbers don't lie - allow me to educateYelpers' posts for these guys date back to 2008Go look for yourself and see how they rate

30 Yelpers for Dickey's Shea, paltry score of 2.5What the what? Grandpa Dickey's been 'cueing longer than Stacy's been alive100 Yelpers give Stacy's a solid total 4.0Just do the math, son: now you know where you gotta go

The man has a dream, we can help it come true

'Cuz there is no such thing as too much BBQSo put on your rib bib and raise your fork high

And salute to free enterprise, great 'cue and fine pie

Go Stacy's, go Stacy's, some day you'll be bigger than Macy's!


Yay! Love Stacy's, cant wait to have a location closer to my digs. Ya know there's another BBQ place just up the road from there, Dickey's, tho not good.

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