Saveur's Best Food Blog Winner, NYPD Pizza's New Menu, A Lost Dog and Gilt Taste

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A round-up of tasty morsels from Valley food blogs.

​So, Valley guy Dominic Armato of Skillet Doux didn't win the best food blog award - we mentioned his nomination a few weeks ago. He recently blogged about enjoying the recognition but will be getting back to reality. Who won? The Girl Who Ate Everything, which he says is "kick ass." Guess we'll have to check her out.

Amy Martin of Phoenix Bites listed NYPD Pizza's whopping 17 new menu items with a few pics. A few of the standouts: spring fling salad, a veggie focaccia sandwich, and the Brooklyn Pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage and fresh basil.

​This next one doesn't involve food exactly but it was big news last week on Jess Harter's blog, Mouth By Southwest. Sharon Salomon, freelance food writer and nutritionist who blogs at Diary of a Dieting Dietitian (and occasionally writes locally for Edible Phoenix), was burglurized and lost her dog, Xena, last week. We're so happy to report that she found her dog and even inadvertently found herself some new followers of her blog.

On the national blog front: Former blogger Francis Lam has found a new home with Ruth Reichl at Gilt Taste. He will be writing/blogging there under the "stories" tab along with Barry Estabrook and a few others. Gilt Taste is part of the Gilt Groupe and is sort of an online food mag and artisinal food shop. It's in beta launch at the moment but they've posted several stories already. This one about fracking (not the Battlestar definition) and food caught our eye.

Hey metro Phoenix eaters, if you have a food blog or know of one we've missed, leave word in the comments section.

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Xena thanks you for the plug! She's happy to be home although she did enjoy her adventure. BTW, her mother's last name is spelled "Salomon" and the blog is at http://diaryofadietingdietitia.... Sharon thanks you for the plug. Perhaps she'll have to start posting regularly again-although laziness may be what keeps her chubby and keeps her from posting.

Jennifer Woods
Jennifer Woods

Oh crud, I'm sorry Sharon. I'll fix your name. :) so glad Xena's home!



Uh, and "dietitian" is spelled with a "t" not a "c". I know spell check corrects it to "c" but American Dietetic Association spells it with a "t" hence so do I. But thank you for mentioning Xena and me! We both appreciate it. Xena is especially grateful for the notoriety. She's out back right now getting a tan in case someone wants an interview and photo. 

Jennifer Woods
Jennifer Woods

I checked and it is Salomon in the that not it? 

Of course dietitian is with a t.  :)  

I really try to spell and use proper grammar.  Sometimes I have brain hiccups. I just got my Edible today and look forward to your story!


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