Restaurant Week 2011: Fuego Tacos

Pibil Fuego Tacos.jpg
Erica O'Neil
The pernil asado taco platter with rice and beans.
Craving a fancy night out on the town, but the $30 per plate price of Restaurant Week gotcha down? Look no further than Fuego Tacos, which will help to stretch the value of your dollar by offering a 2-can-dine-for-$29 deal. (It's actually 30 bucks. We just couldn't let a jingle like that pass us by.) 

For 30 buckaroos, you and your date will be treated to an appetizer to share, two taco platters, and end the evening with a pile of churros. Also included in the price are two of Fuego's specialty cocktails, including sangrias, margaritas, or if you want to get crazy with it, the sanga-rita. 

We hit up the cozy two-tiered taco joint located smack dab in the middle of an otherwise abandoned Esplanade and were pleasantly surprised by the crowded atmosphere, delicious drinks and tasty tacos.
Tostada Fuego Taco.jpg
Erica O'Neil
The veg-head tostada, a starter at Fuego Tacos. Note the awesome purple, cured sugar cabbage.
A couple of Fuego's vegetarian tostadas started off the meal, loaded with guacamole, beans, corn, cheese, and their awesome signature sugar cabbage. The cured sugar cabbage was bright purple and super crispy with an almost beet-like sweetness.

Churros Fuego Tacos.jpg
Erica O'Neil
Cinnamon-y, crunchy, and creamy. The churros from Fuego Tacos.
​After the tostada, while we were sucking down our fresh 'n' fruity sangria, the taco course arrived. Fuego has eight different tacos on the menu, and we had the opportunity to try both the pernil asado and the braised chicken. The pernil asado was extremely tender and well-seasoned, topped with a mango chile salsa and more of that delicious purple sugar cabbage. The chicken tacos were slow roasted chicken thighs, and the juicy dark meat created a super flavorful bite. Each taco was served with (utterly forgettable) rice and black beans, but the tacos were definitely strong enough to stand alone. 

Round out the night with a tiny platter of tasty churros, and you have a delicious dinner for two without blowing too much dinero. Got an extra couple of bucks? Check out our Restaurant Week coverage of Spasso, The Dhaba, Beckett's Table, and Cheuvront, and act quick because these deals end on Sunday.

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I totally recommend the empanadas as an appetizer...SO. AMAZING. And the Dark and Stormy was the perfect accompaniment. Ask for Matt (with no hair!) and you will be treated to a great dining experience! We loved it!

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