McDonald's New Look: Like Starbucks With McNuggets

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Brian Blanco, for USA TODAY
Less clown, more coffee shop. That seems to be the strategy surrounding McDonald's biggest McMakeover in its fifty-plus year history.

According to an article in USA Today (The Mickey Dee's of newspapers!), the fast-food chain is spending over one billion McDollars to transform the majority of its 14,000 stores into Starbucks-like hang outs by 2015.

Chillin' at Ronald's pad, post Big Mac attack? Hm, maybe. Sounds more like "quash the competition" to Fry Girl. "Damn you, Chipotle -- you once were ours!"

Check out the decór details, a video of a redesigned store, and how some of the inspiration came from Apple after the jump.

In the new, more Starbucks-like McDonald's, bright reds and yellows are being replaced by earth tones, ass-cramping steel chairs with faux leather, and the crazy-bright fiberglass tables with wood. Some of the design ideas came from the chain's already modernized outlets in Europe and Australia. Some, from Apple.

"We're not trying to be Apple," said senior director of U.S. restaurant design, Max Carmona. "But we can be inspired by them. When you're inside an Apple Store, you almost feel like you're inside an iPad -- and you want to stay there. We want people to walk into McDonald's and have the same feeling."

What's Starbucks have to say about all this "borrowing" from the clown? No comment. But maybe they'll surprise us with some sort of coffee happy meal. Collision of worlds begins now.

What say you Mickey Dee devotees? Do you like McDonald's new look? Would it make you want to hang out post McMunching? Say it now!

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The mcdonalds in germay has more of a family atmosphere because of the new age look. I forgot to mention that the mcdonalds has a seperate section for coffe and flat screen tvs playing v ideos. I think it is great idea that the usa mcdonalds is having a makeover, but They really need to improve on food quality.


I was in germany about 2 months ago and they have what the usa is trying to do. The mcdonald in germany have a more social atmosphere. They serve coffee and small dessert. It is a huge success in europe. I found myself hanging out a mcdonalds for two hours.

Russ Germain
Russ Germain

you know. doesn't matter what McDonalds does their food is still incredibly unhealthy and makes people fat and in poor health. haven't eaten there in a long time and I don't miss it one bit!


Sorta like WalMart trying to be Target or a Macy store. Too late McDonalds, stick with thehappy meals, kids love it.


...says the fat guy sitting behind his computer. McDonald's doesn't make people fat and unhealthy...people who overeat, smoke, drink, don't watch what they eat, don't exercise, and eat again make themselves fat and unhealthy!!

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