Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Pulled For Sweeps, Replaced With Celebrity Feet

Bad news for those of us following the showdown between celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and L.A. Unified School District: ABC has pulled Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution from its schedule during the May sweeps.

Uh, oh. No sweeps month. Guess that season one Emmy doesn't mean squat. Guess that means the network must have something else it thinks will draw more viewers.

Yup. Wanna know what it is?

It's Dancing With the Stars recaps, yo!

Yes, it seems for viewers, watching celebrities cut a rug garners higher ratings than Jamie Oliver attempting to change our wretched eating practices -- but Jamie will return on Friday, May 27, with a replay of the first two episodes. New episodes will then run every Friday at 9 p.m. until the series concludes on June 24.

Wait. What? Fridays? Not a great time slot for a show whose ratings have been modest at best. Plus, do viewers want to hear Jamie Oliver talking about eating healthy when they're stuffing their faces with Friday night crap-tastic cuisine?

What say you Food Revolution comrades? Are you watching the show now? Will you watch it when it comes back on Fridays? Should ABC have never done a second season in the first place? Let us know!

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I will be watching Jamie when ABC pulls their head out and puts this show back on. It's much better than some of the garbage they choose to show nowadays.


What do you want to bet that fast food advertisers pitched a bitch with ABC over JO's telling people about pink slime in their hamburger?


This country has gone mad to make a buck, I will never buy hamburger if I don't know where it came from after watching that show.

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