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It's finally your lunch break and you desperately want a meal that doesn't taste like the same drive-thru junk you've had before. What to do? We at Chow Bella have compiled a new Follow Friday list of awesome food trucks on Twitter so you can be in the know and first in line when they make a stop in your neighborhood.

Find out which food trucks you should follow after the jump.

Short Leash Hotdogs (@ShortLeashDogs)

Short Leash Hotdogs is the team of Brad and Kat Moore, who travel the Valley selling gourmet hotdogs for a flat rate of $5. Their Twitter is always updated with twitpics of the day's specials and alerts on where they are or will be on the given day. Follow these guys and never miss out on a Devil Dog again.


Hey Joe (@HeyJoeTruck)

This food truck has only been rolling since February but has already won a 2011 Big Brain award for their Filipino cuisine. Hey Joe tweets a ton about their locations, special discounts, and even some interesting bits about where they get their ingredients locally.


Carte Blanche Gourmet (@TacoChicks)

Carte Blanche is more than your average street taco cart. They grind out gourmet tacos and a wide variety of salsas at major food events around the Valley. Their Twitter is a bit sparse at times but they update with useful info on where they'll be next.

August 6 2010 023.jpg

Sweet Republic (@SweetRepublic)

The awesome ice cream at Sweet Republic in Scottsdale is no longer a boring drive away as they have stepped up and have a truck to bring the best ice cream to you. Their regular account is where all the pertinent updates about new flavors and where they'll be next, but they have created a separate account from the perspective of their 59 Chevy that they drive around in for a full Twitter food truck experience.

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Give Island Loco Hawaiian Fusion food truck a try...delicious


Truck Norris is based in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. If you want more food truck Twitter accounts to follow, look up the Phoenix Street Food Coalition on Facebook. They have a LIST of vendors you can follow. Support local! And support blogs and authors who actually do research!


that was a clean hit this time, maria! we are completely humiliated. thank you for pointing that out; it should be gone now. frankly, it's fascinating that you are such an avid reader of chow bella, since.....


No hitting needed. Not sure if the snarky tone in your comment is needed. Hope you have a better day, Amy. Be blessed. :)

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