Edible Phoenix Company Nabs James Beard Award

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Local foodies and chefs -- from other cities -- are anxiously awaiting tonight's announcement of the 2011 James Beard award winners in the restaurant and chef categories. 

Arizona restaurants and chefs were shut out on the list of nominees.

But Phoenix did have a brush with stardom at Friday Night's awards gala, which highlighted achievements in food media, included the presentation of a first-ever Publication of the Year Award to Edible Communities, the company behind Edible Phoenix and 70+ other community-based food magazines throughout North America. Their free mags were described by the awards committee as displaying "fresh directions, worthy ambitions, and a forward-looking approach to food journalism."

Each of the company's publications (including Edible Phoenix) is run by members of the community it serves, and focuses on locally farmed/grown/made products. The latest issue includes a visit with Phoenix Knife House owner Eytan Zias and a peek inside Arizona Republic critic Howard Seftel's barren wasteland of a fridge.

Pick up a free copy of their latest issue at Changing Bookstore, Queen Creek Olive Mill, or any of the local purveyors listed here.

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