Coca-Cola's 125th Anniversary: Celebrate The Real Thing With Must-Have Reproduction

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It's throwback time.
Coke is it! At least, for many of us it is. Sweet and tingly on the tongue -- no wonder the popular soft drink has been around for so long.

True fans can celebrate Coca-Cola's 125th year anniversary in retro-style by nabbing a limited edition reproduction of The Hutchinson -- Coke's very first container used by Joe Biedenharn when he decided to bottle the liquid goodness back in 1884.

Nice. Just take our money already.

Available here, you'll pay more for shipping than the actual product, but hey, it does come in a neato-keen special anniversary box.

Is it filled with the original formula? You'll have to let us know.

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Richard Noggin
Richard Noggin

Funny, How can you get a bottle of Coca Cola in 1884 when the drink was not invented until 1886?

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