CNN's "Phoenix in Five Stops" Highlights The Usual Suspects

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Matt Pool of Matt's Big Breakfast. What about sending visitors to The Roosevelt or Giant Coffee?
​If you live here, none of CNN travel reporter Brendan Newnam's restaurant recommendations will come as a surprise -- FnB, Matt's Big Breakfast, Rita's Tacos, Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe. Yadda yadda. Amuse Bouche in Surprise was a bit off the beaten track for a list highlighting "Pizza Bianco" (oops, it's actually Pizzeria Bianco), but otherwise, yeah, CNN nailed our staples. Nothing too inspiring, which was surprising considering the reporter did a nice job describing Roosevelt Row -- particularly Lalo Cato's murals. 

In any case, foodie Twitter, Facebook and email inboxes are abuzz with the "news".

All worthy choices, but we're curious: Where else do you send visitors?

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When my family visits they usually want Mexican, so we go to Jordan's, Manuels or Arriba. Haven't been able to "graduate" them to more exotic places. :)


Oh, forgot....Hana Japanese Eatery, Los Reyes de la Torta, El Bravo


Gallo Blanco, Barrio Cafe, La Condesa, Sens, Lo Lo's Chicken and Waffles

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