Chaka Chaka at Cycle This Friday and Saturday

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Charlie Blonkenfeld, owner and chef of Chaka Chaka, the downtown breakfast and lunch joint that closed its doors in March, is back this Friday and Saturday, May 20 and 21, at Cycle Restaurant & Bar, the pop-up joint hidden inside the Lexington Hotel in downtown Phoenix.

Lucky for us, Blonkenfeld's bringing his crazy-good jerk chicken sandwich made with basil, shredded cabbage, scallions, jerk mayonnaise, and banana with him, along with a host of other goodies including an egg sandwich paired with chorizo from Schreiner's, seriously addictive garlic fries with jerk mayo, and mushroom and sweet potato tacos with chimi churri sauce and blue cheese.

To re-taste Chaka Chaka or to see what you missed, make reservations here.

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What are the hours? Last time we went to cycle (and probably the last time we will go) it was 5:30pm and they said they weren't serving. Wtf?


Hi this charlie, if you show up you will get fed, if you can make reservation as well that would be great. dm me on eatchakachaka@twitter or eatchakachaka@gmail.comLet me know what you planThanksCharlie blonkenfeld

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