Cafe: El Chorro Lodge

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It's hard to live in the Valley and not hear mention of El Chorro Lodge. If you listen to NPR, you've no doubt heard an announcer remind you not to forget the sticky buns should you take a trip to the well-known eatery. The thing is, this week's cafe column has us wondering if there's more to El Chorro than sugary pastries.

Carol Blonder on El Chorro Lodge:

I advise you skip the soup of the day. A first try with potato leek soup was a letdown. It was thin in body and missed the kind of flavor expected from a soup blended from layered ingredients. The broccoli soup was downright watery and bland, the lack of seasoning its most memorable feature.

The service for lunch and brunch was timely and attentive without being overbearing. But after my dinner experience, I expected my bill to be delivered with the line, "You've been punk'd!"...full story

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