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Rocky Road Bread Pudding to die for from BLD

We dropped by Chandler's newest breakfast, lunch and dinner spot recently to get a look at Cork's baby sister, BLD.

The brightly lit space wasn't exactly jumping for a Saturday night, but when your neighbors are Oregano's and Rancho de Tia Rosa, competition for dinner patrons can get a little stiff. 

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The crowd consisted of several young families (with very well behaved children) and a few obvious first-daters at the bar. The community table was half full with a group of twenty-something girls talking about how so and so lets their three year old run around naked (the horror!); and how they know that their second engagement rings will totally be bigger then their original ones. "I mean that's just how it goes. If he really loves you, he will get you at least two carats."

Ahhh, Chandler. You gotta love it.

BLD opened in late March in an oversized strip mall at the northwest corner of Dobson and Germann, a stone's throw from the corporate mecca of The Chandler Fashion Center A.K.A. Chandler Mall. The decor has a bit of a chain-like feel but gives off a safe and cozy vibe with oversized booths and bight bright windows. Garage-style side doors open up to a spacious patio and open-air bar and toward the kitchen sits the star of room -- a large glass enclosure, home to a fancy-shmancy selection of wine. And hanging in the back --- housemade salami and prosciutto.

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Charcutiere Plate --- Start with this.
Since it's made right there in the building, we had to start with the Charcutiere Plate. The housemade meats were accompanied by a creamy pesto spread and mild Dijon mustard, a little pile of shredded parmesan (weird) and two pieces of thick crusty bread. The prosciutto was velvety soft and the hot coppa and salami toscano were both perfectly spiced. And for just $6, it's the perfect starter; just try and ignore that sad pile of cheese.

BLD 4.jpg
Signature Meatloaf --- Comfort food doesn't get much better then this

​Other highlights included the signature meatloaf topped with mozzarella and comforting brown gravy, the crisp sea salted green beans, fresh and simple caprese salad and the seared-to- perfection grilled ahi au Poivre (that means pepper-coated). Stay away from the mac & cheese and the mashed potatoes, which were both dry and flavorless.

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Grilled rare ahi au Poivre and a simple caprese salad

When you go to BLD, make sure you save room for dessert. Skip the ice cream and the cheesecake and go straight for the over-the-top, sugar coma-inducing rocky road bread pudding. The tender squares of custard-y bread are laced with chocolate chips and marshmallows and topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and a toffee sauce that reminds us of our mom's almond roca. One bite and you are sent to straight to sugar heaven.

We'll be back for breakfast, BLD -- we promise. Good breakfast spots are hard to come by in metro Phoenix (why is that?!) but BLD 's menu looks promising. Hawaiian bread french toast, steak and eggs, chicken and waffles, and even a few southwestern-style dishes like the green chili pork tostadas. Yum!

If you're in the neighborhood, skip the 'Bucks. BLD has its very own drive-thru for coffee and smoothies -- a great idea. 

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BLD Restaurant

1920 W. Germann Road, Chandler, AZ

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We had breakfast two weeks ago - our server kept disappearing - brought coffee - we asked for cream - took her quite a while to bring it - why not bring it when you serve - we had ordered coffee with cream?? food was average - had Monte Cristo - avg - chicken fried steak - avg. doubt we'll go back - too many other fab places.

chandler resident
chandler resident

This place started out strong and we were thrilled to have this new addition to the neighborhood. Fair prices, good grub. But our last two visits were complete disasters. Chicken served raw in the middle. Several wrong items brought to the table on both visits. Menu changes servers had not been made aware of creating further service issues as items that were delivered "correctly" weren't what was ordered off the menu(ie sirloin being served when flat iron steak was ordered and is printed on the menu). Old, wilty arugula served on the salad. Management full of excuses but no apologies for the complete mess that was made of both meals.

The place was dead last Friday night at 7. Recent Yelp reviews seem to reflect our recent experiences as well. This place is not long for the world if management doesn't somehow get a handle on whatever is going seriously wrong here. Too bad, as it had so much potential when it opened.


Fantastic new place to eat, had a great experience other than the not so friendly...slightly rude bartender. Food was great and love the feel of the place.


Weird... when I went to BLD the Caprese salad was bland and boring and the Boursin mashed potatoes were really moist and flavorful. If you go back for breakfast give the Veggie Huevos Rancheros (over easy) a try; that's been my favorite savory breakfast there so far.

Shannon Armour
Shannon Armour

It was kind late, which may have explained why the potatoes and the mac & cheese were on the dry side. It's not going to keep me from going back by any means :)

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