"Big Mac Enthusiast" Will Eat His 25,000th Big Mac Today

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The Sun
Dan Gorske in 2008
​Thirty-nine years after 57-year-old Don Gorske bit into his first Big Mac, he's ready to do it again -- for the 25,000th time.

Gannett Wisconsin Media reporter Russell Plummer says that Gorske, the "Big Mac enthusiast" who also appeared in Morgan Spurlock's, Supersize Me, will consume his record-breaking Big Mac today at the Fond du Lac McDonald's where the Guinness World Records folks will be on hand and the first 300 patrons will receive Gorske buttons (Gorske buttons!) and coupons.

"A person like me, I just don't change too much," Gorske told Plummer. "It's pretty much two Big Macs a day. When I can travel to sporting events, I like to take my Big Mac along."

Plummer says Gorske's obsession with consuming Big Macs stems from a life-long battle with OCD.

"I think 25,000 is a pretty awesome number," Gorske told Plummer when asked what he would do next. "I'll never live long enough to eat 50,000."

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 That's freaking disgusting. UGH. I can feel the grease clogging his arteries in empathy.

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