Where Am I Eating?

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Several Arizonans claim to be the inventors of the Chimichanga. 
Was it Woody, the founder of Macayo's? Or maybe Monica Flin of Tucson's El Charro? I guess we will never know, but we do know where you can get an exceptionally tasty chimi filled with just the right amount of machaca and smothered in sour cream and guac. Their hot sauce is also some of the best around. Do you know where we are eating?

Where Am I Eating?

Be the first to email us the correct answer at whereamieating@newtimes.com and you will score two complimentary meal passes to Sweet Tomatoes.

Last week we cured our midweek hangover with a better-then-decent burrito and green sauce to die for from Taco's De Juarez on 7th Street and Roosevelt. Maybe we should have given you a hint, like the building with the super cool Lalo mural on the side because not a single one of you guessed right. Better luck this week!

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Location Info

Tacos De Juarez

1017 N. Seventh St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Macayo's #1 Fan
Macayo's #1 Fan

Definitely El Charro... Although I must say that the Chimi de Macayo can't be beat! The reason I know?? I work with Macayo's and know that we don't shred our cheese that fine nor do we use green onions :) Enjoy though!

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