Tomorrow: Cheba Hut Relieves the Medical Marijuana Munchies with 4/20 Specials

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"Do you have a legal prescription for that?"

Cheba Hut, the cannabis culture sub-shop chain founded near Arizona State University in 1998, isn't asking. In celebration of 4/20 -- the day pot-smokers come together and often lobby for total decriminalization of the wacky weed -- Cheba Hut locations across the nation are offering a $4.20 special to satisfy your cravings this Wednesday, April 20.

For less than five bucks, you can score a four-inch "nug" sub with chips and a drink, served in a collectible Frisbee. You can also relax to some groovy local music and partake in activities that probably seem like a much better idea when you're stoned, such as Kool-Aid dunk tanks and pickle juice chugging contests.

Even so, history tells us that Cheba Hut will be packed tomorrow. Last year, they sold over 10,000 subs on 4/20; this year, they're aiming for 15,000. That's a lotta stoners.

Now that Prop 203 is in effect, folks who get stopped tomorrow with a joint or two in the car can pull out their doctor's notes and get a free pass straight to the Hut for some munchie relief. And the rest of us without scripts -- well, as we said, Cheba Hut isn't going to harsh your mellow by questioning your serious craving for a "toasted" sub.

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