Stoner Edition: Munchies and Movies

Golden Graham Marshmallow Treat, Hemp Brownie, and Gooball Munchies from Cheba Hut.

Staying in? We've got you covered -- both on the culinary and entertainment fronts. Now presenting Dinner and a Movie -- a guide to a do it yourself evening of food and film.

In less than a week, Arizona's Medical Marijuana law will take effect, leaving hundreds of people fully blazed and chillin' at home. 

To make sure you are prepared, we have created a round-up of munchies and movies to help you enjoy your first weekend legally stoned.

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See how we light it up after the jump

Films: The Big Lebowski (1998), Pineapple Express (2008), Super High Me (2007), Homegrown (1998), and Up In Smoke (1978) or any of the Cheech and Chong films.

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​​Munchies: Nugs, Hemp Brownies, Gooballs, and Rice Krispy Treats (or any cereal variety) from Cheba Hut, Blue on Blueberry Pop Tarts, Corn Chips with Ro-Tel Cream Cheese Dip, Popcorn with Hemp Seeds and Brewer's Yeast.

Beverages: Kool-Aid, Mountain Dew, White Russian Milkshakes.

Recipes and Take Out info: 

We did an informal poll of favorite munchies and cereal usually hits the top of the list. We love what Cheba Hut does with cereal: Golden Graham Marshmallow Treats, anyone? Uh, yeah. Yum. Cheba Hut also has the legendary Gooballs, which were quite a staple of the Grateful Dead and Phish summer tours of long ago. Don't forget the sandwiches sized as Nugs, Pinners, and Blunts. They don't deliver, though, so be sure to get take out on the way home from the dispensary. They have locations in Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, and Mesa. Click here for a menu.

Nugs from Cheba Hut: La Canna and The Kush.
A while back, Chow Bella ran a series of posts on how to cook with pot. Click here to learn how to make Canna Butter. You can use the Canna Butter on popcorn, to make your own Gooballs, Marshmallow Treats, and much more.

Blue on Blueberry Pop Tarts

Toast, then smear some blue cheese on those babies. Trust us.

Ro-Tel Cream Cheese Dip

Stir together one can of Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes and Chilies with a brick of cream cheese over medium heat until melted together. Eat with tortilla chips.

Popcorn with Brewer's Yeast

Pop the corn, top with Canna Butter. Sprinkle in the Brewer's Yeast and Hemp Seeds (available at health food stores). 

White Russian Milkshakes

The Dude would indulge in any White Russian, but make this one with vanilla ice cream


​ instead of cream. Put the ice cream, vodka, and Kahlua in the blender with a splash of milk and blend it.

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