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Illustration By Cyndi Coon

The convenience of a drive-thru is good and options for eating healthy are good but saving money in this economy is really good. So when Starbucks came out with instant oatmeal with toppings in cup we wondered, how much more would we pay for that convenience over preparing instant oatmeal with toppings at home.

Learn how you can save $15.59 after the jump.

Starbuck $2.68 per unit

Includes: oatmeal, brown sugar, almonds, walnuts, pecans, raisins, golden raisins and dried cranberries

Total cost for ten servings: $26.80


Photo: Cyndi Coon

Homemade $1.12 per unit

Box of Instant Brown Sugar Oatmeal (10 packets) $2.99

Quarter pound of Almonds $1.99 (at $7.99 per pound)

Quarter pound of Walnuts $1.99 (at $7.99 per pound)

Quarter pound of Pecans $1.99 (at $7.99 per pound)

Quarter pound of Raisins ¢.75 (at $2.99 per pound)

Quarter pound of Dried Cranberries ¢.75 (at $2.99 per pound)

Quarter pound of Golden Raisins ¢.75 (at $2.99 per pound)

Total supplies cost for ten servings: $11.21



Homemade Ingredients:

1 Packet of brown sugar oatmeal

1Tblspn almonds

1Tblspn walnuts

1Tblspn pecans

1Tblspn raisins

1Tblspn golden raisins

1Tblspn dried cranberries


Photo: Cyndi Coon

1. Pour oatmeal into a microwave proof bowl
2. Add ¾ cup of water, cook per manufacturers directions
3. Add nuts and fruit
4. Serve hot


Photo: Cyndi Coon


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is this seriously an article? When has preparing your own food at home not been less expensive than eating out? New Times, seriously, your content needs some help! I think I could find equal, if not better, content on Examiner.

Julie Peterson
Julie Peterson

And dried rolled oats can be microwaved in less than two minutes -- even cheaper, far less packaging, and fewer additives.


you can also cook steel cut oatmeal (the stuff in the metal container at Trader Joe's) in a crock pot overnight on low. it's so yummy and creamy the next morning, and you can mix in all the good stuff. any leftover oatmeal can be put in containers and then micro'd on subsequent mornings.

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