Mountain View Coffee Co.'s Iced House Coffee

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Mountain View Coffee Co.
is aptly named, as it sits off the main roads in Fountain Hills, surrounded by mountains. It's out of the way for anybody who doesn't live in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, or northeast Phoenix, but true java heads may be willing to make the journey for Mountain View's brews.

We tried the house coffee, iced, and it was damn near perfect.

Mountain View Coffee Co.'s house blend is a heady and strong roast, but with almost no oils or bitterness. There's a hint of bitterness, but nothing like you'd get from espresso. The house blend is smooth and even, starting with a rich coffee bean taste that tapers into a slight, sweet, syrupy aftertaste. Served iced, it's doubly delicious, and we got to the bottom of our cup before we knew it.

We don't know the exact caffeine content in Mountain View Coffee Co.'s house blend, but to us, the energy boost felt on par with a couple strong cups of home brewed drip coffee. It wasn't the super surge we've gotten from some energy drinks, but next time, we'll just need to buy a larger serving.

Mountain View Coffee Co. is located in Plaza Fountainside, 12645 N. Saguaro Boulevard, Suite 17, in Fountain Hills. Call 480-816-9490 for more information.

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Not only is the coffee and the tea great, but the energy is positive and the people who run the place are awesome. Belle and her team get there at 5am to do the baking. Everything is fresh and wonderful. Highly recommend this place! Make sure you have them punch your card for a free one!

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