Forks & Corks: The Reverse Root Beer Floats Flowed -- and So Did the Wine

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ice cream.jpg
Kathy Monkman
Making a key ingredient of Frank & Albert's reverse root beer float.
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Kathy Monkman
A highlight of the 8th Annual Forks & Corks -- along with the food and drink, of course -- was a cocktail napkin that read, COMFORT FOOD DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN FALL ASLEEP ON YOUR PLATE.

There was no sleeping on plates last night at CityScape in downtown Phoenix, where dozens of Valley restaurants served everything from chicken and waffles (The District) to donut holes (Lon's at the Hermosa). Each food item was paired with wine or beer. The Scottsdale Culinary Festival was hosting its own big party across town, but Forks & Corks, we're told, was still plenty crowded -- too crowded, at times.

One of the most unusual offerings was Frank & Albert's "reverse root beer float," created with ice cream made on the spot. Chow Bella contributor Kathy Monkman kindly captured all the food porn for your viewing pleasure. 
corks cuvee.jpg
Kathy Monkman
Cuvee white wine from Alto Ristorante
corks filet mignon.jpg
Kathy Monkman
Filet mignon with marmalade from Aventura Catering.
corks prawns.jpg
Kathy Monkman
Grilled prawns, Hyatt Regency Phoenix.
corks marinated pork.jpg
Kathy Monkman
Marinated pork fry bread, La Hacienda at the Scottsdale Princess.
corks chocolate flourless.jpg
Kathy Monkman
And for dessert -- Alto Ristorante's chocolate flourless cake.

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raynelle sibel
raynelle sibel

the best has to be either the Tapioca from Alto Ristorante or the banana chocolate sandwich thing (not sure where it was from which makes me sad)

Kathy M.
Kathy M.

I'm pretty sure the banana chocolate sandwich came from The District (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and I had an AMAZING s'more's situation from....oh boy, now I can't remember that one.

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