Coming Soon: Lo-Fi Coffee at the Nile Theater

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The infamous Nile Theater, which closed down in 2002 after repeated violent incidents including a triple shooting, reopened under new ownership last year with a decidedly cleaner image.

Now the all-ages venue is taking that image one step further by adding a small eatery and coffee shop called Lo-Fi Coffee to the front of the space at 105 West Main Street in Mesa.

The restaurant will offer standard coffee shop fare, from pastries to lattes, plus live music acts that will be booked by the same folks who run the Nile. Of course, the bands will be different. "No hardcore. There will be more indie rock and folk," says Nile Theater co-owner Michelle Donovan. "We don't want to damage the china!"

Lo-Fi Coffee is expected to open in the next few weeks, with morning hours for locals and additional nighttime hours on show days. The complete menu and hours are still in the works; check back for more info.     

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The Nile should remember their roots, though. Hardcore helped give them an identity; an identity so many others wish they could obtain. While it is ok to evolve, it is also important to Remember where you started. We do!


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