Want to Eat Cheap? Start a Lunch Co-op at Work

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Isabela Branco

We came across a tweet the other day from Slow Food USA (@SlowFoodUSA) about their lunch co-op (#lunchcoop) and wanted to know more.  Was this something like a 5th grade tuna salad and cheese sandwich swap? We consulted the all knowing internet and found that it's a genius idea to have a hot home-cooked lunch every day but you only have to put in the work once a week.  Sounds like a perfect lazy foodies lunch plan to us.

Here's what you do:
1. Find 4-5 people to join the group.  We would recommend picking people who you would not mind cooking you food.  

2. Create a weekly schedule.  Assign each person a day and rotate weekly.

3.  When it's your day, bring enough food for the people in the group.  Slow Cooker and casseroles would be super easy but a big 'ol salad with all the fixins would be fun too. 

Here's a few recipe sources to get you started:
A Year of Slow Cooking Blog
Bed and Breakfast Lunch/Dinner Casseroles
65 Cheap, Healthy, One-Dish Meals with Good Leftover Potential

4. Decide ahead of time if you're all going to bring your own plates/knives/forks/spoons or have the person bring enough utensils for everyone.  This cubicle picnic set would be so chic.

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Or you could go to the hospital cafeteria and eat a good healthy meal for less than $4.00. St. Josephs and Maryvale are good but the Mayo Hospital is the best!

Buff Bronson
Buff Bronson

eat cheap by making your own lunch. lunch made simple and cheap by Buff Bronson.

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