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There's a certain art to pouring an espresso shot, and many baristas won't serve a shot of espresso if it's not perfect. Robbie Pfeffer, manager of The Fixx coffee shop and arts venue in Tempe, says some people take "the art of espresso shots" too seriously, but even he throws out his first shot when we order the Americano, because he says it took too long to pour. He then poured two new (and almost perfect) shots of espresso.

We decided to try the Americano at The Fixx on Pfeffer's suggestion, and we were glad we did.

The Fixx's Americano is a strong coffee (thanks to the double shot of espresso), and there's a big bitter kick, but that's easily offset with some cream and sugar. There's no "watered down" flavor to the Americano at all -- this is pure, strong, heady dark roast coffee.

For two bucks, we got 16 ounces of coffee, and it lasted hours. We had time to sit in The Fixx and take in the local artwork (much of which is featured in Tempe Starving Artist, the zine Pfeffer edits) and watch a band called Flying Saucer set up for a Saturday night show. (Disclosure: Pfeffer creates a web comic for our music blog, Up on the Sun.)

The energy kick was great. It didn't smack us upside the head and disappear after ten minutes; rather, the caffeine crept slowly into our systems and circulated for a good two hours -- which was just the zen when we needed for a Saturday night on Mill Avenue.

The Fixx is located at 15 E. Seventh Street in Tempe, just east of Mill Avenue.  

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FoMo Bret Linden
FoMo Bret Linden

The Fixx is owned by David Sweetman. Sweetman also owns Monster Towing. The lot of the Fixx is notorious as a bait lot for Sweetman's towing company, and has been since the Spring of '09. Monster/Sweetman flagrantly breaks pretty much every law that applies to the towing industry. Tempe PD refuses to do anything about it, but each and every person who has sued Monster/Sweetman has won. The Fixx and its employees, as well as Monster Towing, try to pretend that the two are somehow different entities with different owners. It's a lie, don't be fooled. It's public record.

You don't have to believe me. Google "Tempe Towing Scam" and you'll see statements from several of Monster/Sweetman's victims.

Trust me, even if you're a paying customer of The Fixx, odds favor that your car will be towed. Stay away. Protect yourself, and don't help Monster/Sweetman prosper.

Here's a youtube video of what happened to one of Monster/Sweetman's victims who went into the Fixx to buy a drink and a parking pass...


I'm a bit confused by your use of the word coffee. An Americano is shots of espresso with water. There is no coffee in it.

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