Taco Bell Continues to Remind Us They're Being Sued With New Commercial and (DONG!) 88-Cent Crunchwrap Supremes!

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Taco Bell: Have you seen our new ad campaign with real Taco Bell employees saying our seasoned-beef recipe contains 88 percent ground beef inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture? It's great, right? Really great.

Fast Food Nation: Is it funny? It doesn't sound funny.

Taco Bell: It's not funny. But, hey, Crunchwrap Surpremes for 88 cents through March 5 -- woo-hoo, go us!

Fast Food Nation: So, like the free crunchy taco offer on Facebook and your new Quad Steak Burrito and Quesadilla last month, this is just another response to the consumer lawsuit filed in January alleging your taco filling contains fillers and extenders and was falsely advertised as beef.

Taco Bell: Release the meat-mixture, robo-monster.

Fast Food Nation: Relax, we'll take the 88-cent Crunchwrap Supreme. Sheesh, you're so cranky when you're being sued.

Taco Bell:
At least we're cheap.

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Social Misfit
Social Misfit

del taco is cheaper than taco bell. taco bell used to be cheap but not anymore. subway is cheaper and you get more food that fills you up for $5 bucks.

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