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The number 3: Rare Beef Pho with fresh sprouts, lemons, jalapenos, and herbs for garnish.
a small plaza at the southeast corner of Rural and University in Tempe, which houses at least five varieties of international cuisine, Pho Nhat Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant is a good bet for a $10 lunch. Everything on their menu is priced under $7. Spare in atmosphere yet big on flavor, Pho Nhat is a family-run business that specialized in Pho, Vietnamese rice noodle soup with either beef or chicken-based broth. 

Each enormous bowl is loaded with noodles and your choice of meat. The restaurant offers exotic meat combinations such as tripe and tendon, or more basic selections such as the rare beef (which continues cooking in the broth) and chicken. 

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Along with the bowl of pho, a large platter of been sprouts, cilantro, lemons or limes, and 
Located in a small plaza at Rural and University, Pho Nhat serves everything for under $10.
​jalapenos are served as garnish. Several varieties of sauces and hot chilies are on the table as well. The bowls of Pho are priced between $6.25-6.95. 

Besides Pho, Pho Nhat has a section on the menu devoted to Bun. Bun is vermicelli pasta topped with various flavorful combinations, such as egg rolls, spare ribs, bar-b-que pork, egg, meatballs, and others served in a large bowl. The Bun ranges from $6.25-6.49. 

Pho Nhat is located at 933 E. University Suite 116 in Tempe. The are open six days a week: Monday through Saturday from 10 am- 9 pm. A tamarind based marinaded pork chop and fried egg over rice costs $6.49 and will fill you until dinner. We ordered the #3: Pho with a beef based broth with and pinkish pieces of rare beef that finished cooking in the hot broth. All of their fountain drinks and iced tea cost $1.99. They have specialty drinks such as Salted Plum Soda, Thai style iced tea, Vietnamese drip coffee hot or iced for $2.99. Our check with the #3 and a fountain soda came out to be $9.01 after tax.

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Pho Nhat

933 E. University Drive, Tempe, AZ

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My wife and I love this place, the pho s great, and we love the bbq pork spring rolls. There has been a few nights were we are the only 30 somethings with a kid surrounded by Asian ASU students. The Lady is very nice and she always remembers us, even when we had our baby and we didn't go for like almost 2 years, she remembered us. She gave us a rice noodle and broth baby size for our 1 year old. We drive from across the Mesa border for this, even though unphogettable or blue moon is closer.

I usually get the well cook beef and tendons, and put lime and chilly paste. Always hits the spot on a cold AZ winter night.

Go there, support your local eateries. For what you spend at jack in the box or mcdonalds  you can get a much healthier, fresher lunch or dinner.

By the way, I kind of miss the hand painted Mickey Mouse, Pluto and other disney characters on the wall. Reminded me of the paleterias growing up back in Mexico.


Their egg-noodle pho is delicious. I'd recommend their sea-food!

Erica O.
Erica O.

Sparse on ambiance? What do you call the huge awkward mural of everyone's favorite Steamboat Willy? ;)

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